Thornbury and Yate MP Luke Hall was re-elected throughout the night, increasing his already large majority, as the Conservative Party won big across the UK.

He won 30,202 votes, followed by Claire Young’s 17,833 with Rob Logan finishing in third place with 4,208.

Mr Hall was elected in 2015, ousting then popular Liberal Democrat Steve Webb, he then increased his majority to just over 12,000 votes two years later.

On a night where there were more Conservative smiles than any other party, there was plenty of celebration at Thornbury Leisure Centre.

Labour’s Rob Logan was the first to arrive at the count, followed by Liberal Democrat Claire Young Mr Hall arrived at around 2am in the morning.

Mr Hall has said in the build-up to the election that he will look to continue campaigning for positive changes in the constituency.

His Positive Plan for South Gloucestershire includes helping to support local businesses, campaigning against housing proposals across the constituency and improving health services in both Thornbury and Yate.

After being announced as the winner of the election on the night, he again reaffirmed his commitment to those principles.

When speaking exclusively to the Gazette Mr Hall said: “It is a huge privilege to be elected as the MP for Thornbury and Yate for the third time, it is my home and I am a local man.

“I used to run Lidl’s in Yate and it really is a tremendous privilege. I am also very grateful for the other candidates for standing and I am obviously very grateful to my residents and neighbours that have re-elected me again.

“I think people wanted clarity on the direction the country is heading in with Brexit, we can deliver Brexit and get on with tackling priorities with local people.

“I am very grateful to the other candidates, putting yourself forward and opening yourself up to larger scrutiny it is important and they both made so much effort and ran two very good campaigns.”

Rob Logan, the Labour candidate for the constituency, made a comment in his speech saying that he believed parties should learn to be nicer to each other in the future, Luke echoed that opinion.

“I think that it is of course true that all politicians need to learn to be nicer to each other, especially at election time,” he said.

He also said that he is ‘absolutely confident’ that he can keep the promises he made in the build-up to the election.

Both Claire Young and Rob Logan spoke to thank their campaigning teams locally whilst congratulating the Conservative MP.

“It is obviously disappointing it has been a very strange election we have seen some great gains and some sad losses,” Claire said.

“I am proud that we ran a good campaign and I have a fantastic team around me.”

Rob Logan, the Labour candidate started with a joke.

“Well I can’t say I am surprised,” he said.

“In the future I think that all parties need to learn how to be nicer to each other.”

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