What happens after an MP loses their seat?

MPs who lost their seats have five working days to collect their personal belongings from the Houses of Parliament.

Their security passes will be deactivated at 11:59pm on 19 December, after which point they will not be able to get into their old offices. Any documents left behind will be destroyed.

They will have access to their emails for one month, giving them plenty of time to download any personal records or information.

Any work phones or devices will stop working from 12 February.

Departing MPs will also have the unpleasant job of making all their staff members redundant.

Do MPs get redundancy pay?

MPs receive their salary right up to polling day, but if they lose their seat they do not receive any redundancy money.

They do, however, get severance pay if they have been an MP for at least two years. This is known as the 'Loss of Office Payment' and is double the statutory redundancy payment.

There is also a winding up budget to help former MPs pay their expenses once their salaries have stopped. This covers office rent, removal costs and travel during the winding up period, which will end on February 29, 2020.

Parliament is expected to return on Tuesday, December 17.