People in South Gloucestershire will be making their way through more than a million alcoholic beverages on Christmas Day alone, new research suggests.

In a survey carried out by the charity Drinkaware, the average UK man admitted knocking back six drinks on Christmas Day, while women said they get through four-and-a-half.

In South Gloucestershire, that would equate to a whopping 1,172,054 beverages, using the most recent population estimates from the Office for National Statistics.

If a pint of beer were the universal poison of choice, that would be enough to fill 8,324 bathtubs.

Alternatively, if everybody opted for a medium-sized glass of wine each time they hit the bottle, residents would guzzle down as many litres as the amount of water used to run the average shower for 18 days straight.

Across the South West as a whole, the festivities will see thirsty revellers washing down their Christmas dinners with 23,524,000 drinks – the equivalent of 5.3 Olympic-sized swimming pools of beer.

But the figures could be just the tip of the iceberg, with Drinkaware chief executive Elaine Hindal warning that people in the UK tend to significantly underestimate how much they drink.

She said: "The festive season can be a jolly time for some, and a stressful time for others.

"Whether you face juggling families, work and friends with festive celebrations or whether this time of year is particularly tough for you, there can be a number of triggers that make you feel pressured to drink more than you usually do.

“But drinking more than you’re used to can lead to mistakes, regrets and hangovers. In the long run, it can significantly increase your risk of developing a range of diseases if you’re regularly drinking over the recommended weekly 14 units a week.

“Keeping track of your drinks and staying in control will help you to enjoy everything December has to offer.”

The poll also found that one in five people feel pressured to drink on Christmas Day, and 13 per cent say they avoid social occasions over the festive period because of the pressure.

Drinkaware recommends drinking water and eating when consuming alcohol, having at least three alcohol-free days a week, and avoiding drinking in rounds.