A HEADTEACHER in Thornbury has blasted a high street store for selling ‘unsuitable’ school trousers.

Joe Docherty, head of Castle School, has written to Next saying their ‘slim’ style trousers should not be marketed as school uniform because they are ‘indistinguishable’ from tight-fitting ‘skinny’ trousers, which the school has banned.

Writing in the school’s newsletter, Mr Docherty said: “The trousers are much too close to being skinny to be allowed. We have written to Next about the fact that these should not be marketed as school trousers.

“As we are aware that a number of families have bought these trousers specifically for school, we will allow then to be worn until the Easter holidays, but not thereafter.

“I hope that will give those families to whom it applies the time to get the correct uniform in place. This exception does not apply to skinny trousers which are not allowed at all. I would like to thank all families who have already made the change and whose children attend school in correct uniform every day.”

Deputy head Clare Bradford told the Gazette: “I contacted Next in the summer about their advertised school trousers, as being unsuitable, but have heard nothing back.

“We agreed on the strategy outlined in Mr Docherty’s letter, following understandable frustration from both the school and some parents who thought they were buying appropriate trousers. A number of parents affected were consulted before this piece went out, and agreed with the plan.”

Nobody from Next was available to comment.