A COUPLE has put even the toughest commute along the A38 to shame by driving home to Thornbury from New Zealand.

Joss Quilty, and his girlfriend Romy Romagnoli, spent 10 months crossing dozens of countries to make it back to the UK in time for Christmas.

The pair had lived in New Zealand for four years and wanted to go travelling. There was only one problem, Joss did not want to get rid of his car.

“I had bought and old Landcruiser and I kind of wanted to keep it,” explained Joss.

“I did a lot of research and a lot of work on the car.

What followed was a 40,000km road trip featuring bribed border officials, escorts by armed guards and some of the most incredible sights planet Earth has to offer.

“Although there is danger everyone you meet is so kind and welcoming.

“It’s the people you meet that make the places,” he said.

The danger was so great that at one point in the Middle East Romy and Joss required an escort by armed guards.

Other highlights of the trip included driving along the second highest road in the world in the Himalayas, something the 20-year-old car struggled with.

“It was a real battle getting it up there,” said Joss.

“It was a proper adventure.

“The whole point of the trip was to have experiences like that.”

“Our budget was very tight for the whole trip.”

“We tried to sleep in the car the whole way.

“It’s a really good car and I am just amazed that it’s possible.

Now back in Thornbury Joss is already planning his next trip and hopes to travel from Alaska to Argentina one day.

“I feel like there’s something missing,” he said.

“Walking around Bristol doesn’t have the same appeal.”

Click the gallery above to see some of the Joss and Romy's photos from the trip.