A YOUNG driver became stranded in floodwater at Berkeley Heath this week.

The young woman experienced difficulties on the A38 on Thursday evening at 10.15pm.

Sharpness Lifeboat Station crew members assisted the police in recovering the woman.

A SARA spokesman said: "As our crew were heading home from an evening training, one of our coxswains came upon a stranded car in floodwater with a young female driver.

"The police on the scene requested we assist and those still on duty at the station were deployed and recovered the understandably upset lady.

"The water at its deepest point was about a foot and a half deep.

"The car's engine had cut out and wouldn’t turn over at all.

"I’d estimate she was in the car for about 20 minutes, as we got the call very quickly.

"As she was still in the car we spoke to her and made sure she was uninjured then we made the decision to push the car out of the flood water rather than get the driver wet as the door seals had held to that point.

"She was shaken and upset but otherwise ok and got a lift to complete her journey.

"Take care around flooded roads and drive safe."