THERE is no better time than January to get into shape. So, we asked our Stroud News and Journal readers which personal trainers they would recommend and why.

Here is what they said:

Lynne Woods said:  "Jonathan Peacock. He kept me fit before, during and after my cancer treatment."

Kerry Frazer Peachey said: "Jeremy Bingham for sure - me, my hubby and my mum have used Jeremy and he’s great!"

Melanie Gray and Janet Howard both agreed with Kerry's recommendation.

Joanne Hergest commented that she'd like to get fit, but isn't keen or attending a gym or going running, and asked if anyone had any advice. 

Charlene Smith responded, saying: "Edward L Mobbs has an amazing online PT programme. I felt exactly the same as you and both Ed and his wife Sarah have helped me turn my life around. Highly recommend dropping them a message to see what they offer

Lucy Pullen agreed, saying: "Edward L Mobbs 100% the best in Stroud!"

Georgina Butler said: "Klaartje Bullough she is fantastic and comes to your house."

Readers also recommended: Fi Dean; Daniel Harragin; Kirby Young; Jordan Fletcher; Rob Cooper; Tamsin Hannam; Rosa Wooster and Jo Thomas.

Personal trainer Jer Drack said: "Hi SNJ readers, everyone will have a favourite PT if they had success with them. So here’s how to Pick the PT / coach for you:

What’s your goal and why, how will achieving your goal make you feel and quality of life once achieved?

Why will this person be able to help me with this goal? (track record results, website reviews, recommendations etc)

Will I get on with this person, their approach and beliefs to tackling my goal?

How much is my goal worth to me and what would I pay to have it?

Will I need to join a gym or not, are they already at the gym I’m at?