SPEED bumps could be installed in a busy road - but a town council opposes the plan.

South Gloucestershire Council has started a public consultation on plans for three speed bumps at the junction of St John’s Way and Trinity Lane in Chipping Sodbury, ahead of the new housing development in Trinity Lane.

Sodbury Town Council discussed the issue at its full council meeting on Tuesday, and decided to oppose the plan.

One resident of a nearby road, Dowding Close, said: “When I saw the consultation it was a bit of a shock. I have had a lot of people come to me about it and it is not just going to affect us, it is going to affect anyone that uses the road. There will be a lot of noise from the speed bumps and I just think it will cause a lot of problems.”

Cllr James Ball echoed those concerns, saying: “St John’s Way needs to be fluid in my opinion. There is a problem with speed on the road but not in this part. I think a formalised crossing point where pedestrians have right of way would be safer.”

Commenting on the plans for speed bumps, a South Gloucestershire Council spokesman said the new housing development ‘is likely to increase the number of pedestrians and vehicles on St Johns Way and Trinity Lane’ so ‘measures are required to control traffic speeds on this road’.

“This will be achieved by introducing traffic calming on St John’s Way and Trinity Lane.

“The traffic calming will consist of three flat top road humps, two with a length of 9m and one with a length of 29.8m at the junction of St John’s Way with Trinity Lane, all will be built with a height of 75mm.”