A BAKER from Dursley has reached a YouTube milestone, just 16 months after setting up his own video channel.

Steve Warwick, 58, who owns the Traditional Bakery in Parsonage Street, has been posting films about some of his favourite things, mainly baking, but also cars and his social life, since September 2018.

He now has over 600 YouTube subscribers and has received a special certificate from the social media giant.

Steve’s Crazy Baker channel features step by step guides to making tasty treats such as Eccles cakes, doughnuts and sausage rolls, all filmed in his Parsonage Street kitchen.

He posts at least one video a week, every Monday at 6pm.

Sometimes he uploads an extra film on Fridays.

“The channel been really beneficial to my business, as we now get lots of local people coming into the shop who say they didn’t realise that we made everything from scratch on site,” he said.

“They thought this was just a shop, with everything shipped in.”

Steve was in for a surprise this week when two fans of his channel popped into his coffee shop for a spot of lunch.

“They didn’t say anything until they were leaving, but I thought they’d looked at me strangely when they first came in,” he said.

“They weren’t from the area, but came into town just because they enjoy my videos.

“And that’s exactly what I hoped would happen, that my channel would bring more people into the town, and see how nice it is here.

“A couple from America, from Tennessee, have said they want to come over and visit the bakery this year too.

“They said I seem just like ‘the guy next door’ and they want to come and meet me.”

Steve said he sees baking as ‘an art’, “especially when you’re making something like a specialist sour dough.”

“I can’t really explain why, but I just really enjoy it.

“I’m keen to pass on as much of my old school baking knowledge I can, before it’s lost.”

See bit.ly/2NOZh4A