A PRIMARY school in Yate will look to teach their students how to be better with money at a younger age.

St Paul’s Catholic Primary School has entered the NatWest MoneySense School Accreditation programme.

The scheme is delivered in schools who are committed to teaching young people how to use money safely and responsibly.

The programme recognises schools with a strong commitment to financial education and who actively engage parents to bring learning about money out of the classroom and into the everyday lives of young people.

Scheme representatives held workshops with pupils at the school and, supported by employee volunteers from NatWest, have been promoting the importance of financial education.

The scheme indicates that there is a vital window of opportunity to teach young people between the ages of 5-18 about money and transform their future financial health and that of our communities and society.

Studies have found that 55% of children aged 7–15 worry about their lack of financial knowledge and 62% of parents fear their child will grow up without a good grasp of managing money.

It was also found that 28% of parents worry about their children asking them questions about money that they themselves can’t answer.

94% of teachers believe that financial education would benefit from greater involvement from business and industry.

Mrs Ann Marie Feldman, Co- Deputyhead and MoneySense Champion said that it was great to see the students engaging with the scheme.

“It was great to have the MoneySense volunteers along to help demonstrate some of the frauds and scams that exist and how the children can protect themselves,” she said.

“The children all had a great time taking part in the lesson and figuring out the different clues.

“Teaching young people about money is one of the most important things you can.

“You help to equip them for success in the future, and it’s never too early to start.”