The Stroud MP's weekly column.

It is not often you get to take a ‘Journey from Pole to Pole’ in the middle of town but that is what the local Greenpeace team has created with Stroud Valley Artspace. The exhibition kicks off in the Arctic depicting how climate change is destroying the frozen region and ends with an incredibly clever virtual tour of the oceans, taking me under the water with the fishes and over the seas with the birds.

The campaign is to highlight their push for a new Global Ocean Treaty under the UN Convention of the Law of the Sea. A Global Treaty obviously needs countries working together but the UK, together with respected groups like GreenpeaceUK, will be listened to. We are already on track to protect 4m square kilometres of ocean across our Overseas Territories and we are creating a ‘Blue Planet fund’ of £500m from the International aid budget. The money will be deployed to export UK expertise in marine science around the world, particularly to help developing countries.

I managed to ‘bob’ to get the Speaker’s attention in Prime Minister’s Question Time to highlight World Wetlands Day for Slimbridge WWT. A hugely important conservation site and massive tourist destination for our area, I was pleased to support them while also flagging the incredibly important Environment Bill for wetlands and wildlife.

Thankfully, the new Parliament is functioning again properly so legislation is progressing. I contributed to debates relating to Direct Payments to Farmers – a welcome change that is necessary once the much criticised Common Agricultural Policy finally bites the dust. The Agriculture Bill also returns to the House this week. As you may know, David Drew did a lot of work on this as Jeremy Corbyn’s shadow agricultural minister.

These Bills and others will reshape how we do things.