I DON’T know why but we were just in the mood for a good old fashioned pub, the proverbial spit and sawdust type of affair.

You know the ones where you are even afraid to make eye contact with the female bar staff - well this WAS the Five Alls in Cheltenham, and alas it is not now.

The previously drab, fruit machine filled pub has been transformed into a modern tavern and has a menu to match.

Beers are slightly on the side of Shoreditch hipster but the wine list is refreshing and we chose a bottle of white Rioja, reasonably priced at £24, the most expensive white is £35 so it is not going to be a bank breaking lunch.

The menu is a mix of small plates arranged in four sections, meat, vegetables, fish and seafood and accompaniments.

Tasty bites include crispy pork belly with Asian slaw, salt cod croquettes with wasabi mayo or courgette fritters with baba ganoush.

The pork belly sounded too good to turn down so it was a portion of this with some whitebait with aioli and buffalo chicken wings in a hot sauce.

Dishes are all around the £7 mark and all make for a great sharing lunch.

Fresh, spicy, flavoursome and refreshingly different is how we would describe it and something a little different to the usual pub fare.

Word has obviously got around about this venue as even for an early week lunch there were plenty of willing customers.

We noticed that there were also a few dogs in tow so another dog friendly venue to add to the list of hound hotspots.

We headed off with satisfied bellies and palates off into the Cheltenham night, perhaps our next stop on our way home will be the spit and sawdust boozer we were looking for originally!