The River Severn is expected to flood tomorrow morning.

Strong onshore winds and a large tidal surge are forecast for the Severn Estuary from Sharpness to Oldbury.

High water is predicted to be at 8.45am tomorrow and a flood warning is in force.

According to the Environment Agency: "Flooding may occur for about two hours either side of high water.

"Flooding is possible for the Severn Estuary from Sharpness to Oldbury-on-Severn including low lying properties on Severn Lane, Worldsend Lane, Nupdown Lane and Shepperdine Road including Oldbury Power Station.

"Our incident response staff will closely monitor the situation along this coastline."

Flooding is also possible at Severn Beach and the Severn Estuary from Gloucester to Sharpness. There are flood alerts in place for these areas.