PEOPLE in Dursley, Cam and surrounding villages are being urged to join a series of workshops to find out how singing can enhance their health and wellbeing.

Tyndale Choral Society, led by award-winning Music Director Ben Sawyer, is staging four evening workshops called Sing into Spring, starting on Monday 24th February.

Ben says: “Winter is a time when we can find ourselves at a low ebb, both mentally and physically, and there’s plenty of research to show how singing, particularly when shared with others, helps turn that around.

“As we move towards spring, these workshops will feature several different kinds of singing and will give participants more confidence in singing out in harmony with others.

"Quite apart from technical skills, we know from previous workshops we’ve run just how much of a positive feeling they can bring.”

Tyndale chairman Magnus Carter said: “Our members have always said how important the social aspect of choir is.

"We now know there’s strong scientific evidence that singing together also lowers stress and anxiety levels.

"It just makes you feel good.

“Our music director is a master in passing on skills and technique, for instance around breathing, but he also makes it great fun.”

Ben added: “Recent research from the University of Sydney even showed that singing together can alleviate chronic pain.

"It really is a very powerful transmitter of wellbeing.”

The Sing into Spring workshops run on Monday nights in Dursley from 24th February to 16th March, and will include sea shanties, spirituals and other part-songs, as well as extracts from Mendelssohn’s Elijah, which he choir will perform in full later in the year.

The fee for the full programme of workshops is £20, and they can be booked through choir secretary Catherine Bennett on 07799 238 417 or