A POST Office could be restored to Chipping Sodbury’s High Street, after residents and traders said the loss of the service had made a ‘massive impact’ on the town.

Chipping Sodbury’s post office was based at Cotswold Vintners but was closed in November last year due to what the Post Office described as ‘operational issues’.

The Post Office had said the service was due to re-open in January but that has not happened – leaving residents, business owners and councillors calling for action.

But now a statement from the Post Office has given them hope.

A Post Office spokesman revealed that they are in discussions with a shop about the service moving inside their store in the High Street – but would not say which retailer.

Yesterday, members of the community united for the Gazette’s photographer to show how strongly they want to see a post office return.

Mayor of Sodbury, Cllr James Ball said: “The closure of the post office in Sodbury has had a massive impact on local residents and also businesses alike.

“So many parishioners rely on having a post office in Sodbury for so many different reasons, and for elderly residents to have to make the journey to the post office in Yate simply isn’t viable.

“With the closure of the post office, this has meant that there is also only one cashpoint available in Sodbury.

“This is having a negative impact on the high street and shops and businesses can already see the difference in trading.

“We really hope that an alternative solution is found soon, whether it be the post office opening a new branch themselves or a local business takes a franchised route.”

The Chamber of Commerce echoed the thoughts of the mayor, with a spokesman saying: “In our town, both business owners and residents need an operational post office.

“It is unbelievable that in 2020 we in Chipping Sodbury do not have a bank or a post office.

“A link to postal services, banking and obtaining cash is critical to keeping our town prosperous.

“There are some options and the chamber is assisting in every way to ensure a service returns.”

Chair of the Sodbury Parish Plan Group, Jane Lund: “Sodbury Parish has one of the highest percentages of people over 65 in South Gloucestershire.

“The closure of the post office seriously affects people in this age group – many no longer drive and have some degree of disability, and so getting to Yate post office is not possible because it would mean catching a bus to Yate and then walking the length of the shopping centre to the post office. To many elderly people, it is inaccessible.

“Chipping Sodbury needs to have its post office reinstated.

“Only recently residents in one of our retirement homes commented that they moved here because they could walk to the High Street where there were two banks and a post office, all of which have gone and they wish now they hadn’t come here.

“These people are being let down by the Post Office, which is an essential service.”