A Chipping Sodbury lady became the first woman in the world to achieve something very special earlier this year.

Debbie Airey, became the first woman to complete the parkrun alphabet three times on New Year's Day.

To complete the parkrun alphabet you have to finish one of the 5k circuits that begins with each letter of the alphabet.

This involves a lot of travelling abroad, with some letters only available in other countries.

Debbie completed her third alphabet after finishing the Amager Faelled parkrun in Copenhagen with her husband Andy.

Her husband Andy, who has also done the alphabet three times, said: "Completing your parkrun alphabet is a challenge thousands of the 6.7m parkrunners chase and only 3 people in the world have done it 3 times.

"This is made more difficult as you can not repeat letters and certain ones are limited. There are only 2 Y's in the northern hemisphere.

"This has meant we have travelled to Poland three times to get the letter Z, Australia for a 3rd Y plus trips to Germany for a V, Singapore, France, Italy, Ireland and all over the UK."