Common sense seems to have disappeared both nationally and locally.

We have so-called ‘smart’ motorways that are death-traps.

Whoever thought this idea up couldn’t have driven up the M5, M6 etc.

We have children who should be being taught the ‘3 Rs’ in school and not being brainwashed and terrified that the end of the world is coming because of ‘climate change’!

Climate change is a natural phenomenon, always has been and always will be no matter what man does.

Yes, man pollutes the air we breathe with car emissions, wood burners, barbecues etc but it does not affect the climate as nature will always have her way.

Locally, we are building more and more houses which means more people and more cars.

Since closing Frenchay Hospital (another crazy decision) Southmead hospital has struggled to cope - also struggling as are GPs and schools.

I wonder how many councillors who gave permission for all these new houses have tried getting a GP appointment or tried parking at Yate Shopping Centre or noticed the constant back-up of traffic on our roads at certain times of the day.

Lets bring back common sense instead of creating chaos!

Valerie A Jones (ex-meteorologist)