THERE will be no job losses at Airbus' Filton operation after an announcement that 2,362 jobs are at risk across the firm over the next two years, the company has insisted.

Airbus, which is one of Filton's major employers, has announced it is to cut thousands of jobs over the next two years.

But the airline manufacturer says the cuts will not affect employees at its plant in Filton, which employs around 3,000 people.

The company announced that 2,362 positions in total would be cut from the defence and space branch of the business, including 357 in the UK.

Airbus announced the need for 'restructuring' in December and is now consulting with its European works council.

An additional 829 jobs will be cut in Germany, 630 in Spain, 404 in France and 142 in other countries.

Airbus released a statement today which reads: "Today (February 20), Airbus Defence and Space has entered the consultation process with the company’s European works council on the division’s planned restructuring.

"While the underlying business perspectives especially in the core business remain solid, these steps became necessary after the division achieved a book-to-bill ratio below 1 for the third year in a row, mainly caused by a flat space market and postponed contracts on the defence side.

"The plans presented to the employee representatives foresee the reduction of 2,362 positions until end of 2021, thereof 829 in Germany, 357 in UK, 630 in Spain, 404 in France and 142 in other countries.

"These efforts will be supported by a reinforced profitability programme and further measures to increase long-term competitiveness and safeguard the division’s future positioning.

"The need for restructuring was first announced in December 2019 and emphasized also during the company’s Annual Press Conference in Toulouse on February 13.

"Airbus Defence and Space will provide updates on its plans and continues a constructive dialogue with employee representatives.

"Further financial implications are under assessment and will be communicated at a later stage."