A MOTHER has said it is ‘ridiculous’ that she was fined for using a disabled parking space while her heavily pregnant daughter was in agony.

Louise Garcia was given a ticket in Thornbury’s Rock Street car park last month for parking in a disabled space without displaying a blue badge.

She was in Thornbury to attend an antenatal appointment with her daughter Anna.

The pair, from Falfield, had used a regular space in the car park a few days prior but Anna had been unable to get back into the car.due to the pain she was in from a suspected broken pelvis.

This had forced Louise to wheel her into the middle of the car park before moving the car round to her.

“She was in agony,” Louise said. “She was in such pain she really couldn’t move.

“You can barely open the door as people park so close in regular spaces.”

Anna was admitted to hospital with severe pain later that day and two days later gave birth to a boy following a Caesarian section.

Louise said: “I appreciate that these bays should not be abused but the council should also be reasonable in the exercise of its discretion.

“I would not park in a disabled place on any other occasion but how exactly were we supposed to apply for a blue badge and receive it that day for a temporary condition caused by pregnancy issues?

“It’s ridiculous to suggest in our circumstances we would be able to get a blue badge.

The current average time between an application being received and a blue badge being sent out is eight weeks.

A spokesperson for South Gloucestershire Council said: “We issue a penalty charge notice to anyone found parking in a disabled parking space without a valid blue badge.

“This is to ensure there are enough spaces for those people who have been issued with a blue badge.”

Louise has now paid the fine, which was reduced to £35 following her complaint, but is seeking repayment.

“Thankfully I have the money to be able to meet my daughter’s payment but not all people in this position would be able to do so,” she added.

Thornbury and Yate MP Luke Hall has agreed to address the issue with the council.

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