Police have made a statement after a man from Chipping Sodbury was found with a broken back in a park in the area.

The family of Anthony Lewis, 54, believe that he was brutally attacked and found in Lilliput Park nearly two weeks ago.

He was placed on life support at Southmead Hospital, with a number of serious injuries.

At the time a family member said: "I have reason to believe my uncle was beaten up in Chipping Sodbury he's on life support has a broken back if anyone has any info please get in touch it happened in Lilliput on Wednesday night around 7.30pm.

"We are still unsure what happened he's only just woke up and started breathing for himself."

Now though police have confirmed that they are still investigating.

An Avon and Somerset Police spokesperson said: "The ambulance service made us aware of an incident where a man in his 50s was reported to have fallen down some steps in Lilliput Court, Chipping Sodbury.

"However the man then told them that he had been assaulted and had neck, arm and back pain as a result.

"He was taken to Southmead Hospital where remains in a stable condition.

"Police enquires into the incident are continuing. Anyone with information is asked to call us quoting reference 5220035645."

It is believed that he was assaulted in a road nearby and later found in the park.