GAZETTE reader John Kidley got in touch with the paper to try and find out more about an unusual hedge in Berkeley.

He said: “I have been asked by my mother in law to attempt to find out about what happened to the elephant shaped hedge, which was a feature when she was a child there in the 1930s. She moved away shortly after and in the intervening years it has been removed with no trace left.”

Historian Peter Yardley kindly found this image of the hedges in the castle archives.

And Jackie Pennington, operations manager at the castle said: “They were yew trees pruned to look like a row of elephants facing on to a stretch of lawn known as Elizabeth I Bowling Lawn, as this is the stretch of grass where the Queen played bowls when she visited the castle on her Royal Progress.

"Next the trees you can see what is now the lily pond, it was actually a swimming pool in those days."