A DISABLED woman was left shaking with fear after asking an angry motorist to move out of a blue badge space at Cam and Dursley station.

Tracy Ackroyd, from Dursley, is now too scared to park there after the driver blocked her in and insulted her.

The incident, which happened on Thursday afternoon at 4.40pm, began after she challenged a driver who had parked in a disabled parking bay, without a blue badge.

Blue badges are parking permits allowing drivers or passengers with mobility issues to park nearer to where they are going - usually in specially marked disabled parking bays.

“The man decided I needed to be put in my place,” said Ms Ackroyd, 51, who has difficulty walking.

“I had to quickly reverse into a space as he shot out of the disabled space. I thought he was going to ram my car.

“He then parked right in front of my car, blocking me in completely.

“He got out of his car and said ‘You’re in your box now, so I’m leaving my car here and going to Gloucester on the train’.

“I was terrified. I suffer with chronic anxiety and depression and to know I could not get out and was trapped, I just broke down and had a major panic attack.

“His words that I was ‘in my box’ were absolutely horrific.”

The man returned ten minutes later with his wife and drove away.

“As far as I was concerned, he had locked his car and was going to Gloucester,” said Ms Ackroyd.

“But he was just being a bully.

“I admit, I’m scared to go back now.

“But I know I’ve got to fight back and not let him win.”

Cam Parish Council chairman Christina Carter said: “I’m so sorry to hear about this incident.

"There is pressure on parking at Cam and Dursley station but however frustrating that might be there is no excuse for being disrespectful to others let

alone someone who is disabled and trying to park in one of the spaces provided for genuine badge holders.

“I urge all drivers to park with care at the station and for those picking up travellers from the train, at busy times, to consider waiting somewhere away from the platform entrance.”

The police are now conducting inquiries to identify the man who was involved and anyone who has information is asked to call 101 with incident 327 of February 20.