New Siblands School in Thornbury has closed following a suspected case of coronavirus.

A pupil at the school has been told by doctors he likely has Covid-19, although he has not yet been tested.

Both the school's Gillingstool and Easton Road sites are closed, although Gillingstool Primary School, which shares one of the sites, has remained open.

A letter sent to parents yesterday by headteacher Carrie Osmond stated: " We have been informed that the family of a pupil from Violet class was informed by their GP that he most likely has COVID-19, although he won’t be tested unless he worsens.

"He has a sibling on the secondary site, who is not showing symptoms. The family are all in isolation for 14 days.

"We also have a growing number of staff who need to self-isolate because either they or someone in their household is showing symptoms. We always need to cover staff who are absent and it is becoming increasingly difficult do so. Therefore the health and safety of our pupils is becoming harder to maintain.

"Having sought advice from the local authority and from up-to-date information on the Department for Education website, the Interim Chair of Governors and I have made the decision to close the school until further notice. We are particularly mindful of the increased risks to our pupils, many of whom have significant health conditions.

"I appreciate this will have a significant impact on you and your children, however I hope you will understand that we are acting on the advice provided by health authorities, in the interests of our pupils, staff and families.

"We are planning to re-open the school as soon as we have sufficient staff available, a deep clean has been performed and Public Health advice is that we are safe to do so.

"The local authority has advised that there is no need for anyone who has been in the school and had direct or indirect contact with pupils or staff to isolate themselves and their families unless they develop symptoms. However, a reduction of all but necessary social contact is strongly recommended."