A FIVE-YEAR-OLD disabled girl could learn to walk after the Yate community rallied together to pay for pioneering treatment.

A seemingly healthy baby, Amber Brock was just 14-months-old when she contracted a virus that left her so severely disabled, she was unable to sit, crawl, stand or communicate.

After numerous tests health professionals were at a loss to give the family a diagnosis.

Mum Tracy Brock, 40, has been left without answers. Now though things could be about change after a fundraising page for Amber has helped pay for her treatment.

“Amber has made substantial progress over the last four years, she can communicate her wants and needs on a basic level and she attends Emersons Green primary school,” Tracy said.

“In general Amber is a very happy child. Physically, Amber is doing better but, she is still unable to sit, stand or mobilise herself unaided.”

Through hours of research, Tracy discovered a therapy centre in Oxford who have revived the family’s hopes.

The centre that specialises in physiotherapy for children with neurological disorders have stated there is no reason why Amber will not only regain the skills she lost, but also that she will learn to walk.

Due to the severity of Ambers condition she will require around 10 years’ worth of therapy.

The only problem for the Brock family is that the initial three sets of the intense therapy course cost £5000.

Tracy and husband Dave, started a Justgiving page on Facebook and within three days had raised the £5000 needed to help afford Amber’s first treatment.

“We have been absolutely overwhelmed with the support from the local community,” Tracy continued.

“We didn’t expect to hit our initial target so quickly, let alone be able to increase it and then hit our second target of £7000, all within three weeks.

“The extra £2000 will hopefully go some way to finding a diagnosis which we so desperately need, we have found a private facility in Devon that will hopefully be able to help us with this part.

“This treatment could change Ambers entire life. We can’t thank everyone enough”.

To donate go to justgiving.com/crowdfunding/amberrose