A DRIVER who had a lucky escape after her car collided with an oncoming van would like to thank the kind passers-by who stopped to help her.

Lindsey Green was driving to pick up her daughter, who was unwell, from school when the accident happened on the A38 in Stone earlier this month.

There was nothing the mum of three, who is a district (Berkeley Vale) and parish (Alkington) councillor, could do as a vehicle travelling in the opposite direction veered over into her lane and hit her car head on.

The impact completely destroyed her car and left Lindsey injured.

“Because of where I was, there was nowhere I could go.

“To the right side there were some bollards and on the left there was a stone wall.

“I saw him coming and couldn’t do anything about it.

“I put my arm across my face and just had to take the hit.

“When everything stopped I opened my eyes and all the air bags had gone off.

“I panicked and screamed, but then a chap opened my car door and started to calm me down.”

Since then the police have told Lindsey that the speed at impact combined was at least 70 to 80 miles per hour.

“For me to walk away, albeit in a lot of pain, I’m counting my lucky stars.

“Doctors told me not many people walk away from an accident like this.”

Lindsey said: “So many amazing people stopped to help me, pulled me out of my car and stayed with me until police, ambulance and fire service arrived.

“I would love to thank all of them - the guy who got to me first and calmed me down, the chaps from Sofology who then pulled me out of my car.

I would also like to thank a nurse called Olivia who stayed with me, the older couple whose car I sat in until the ambulance arrived and anyone else who stopped to help.

“Thank you all so so much.

“It really restores your faith in human beings, having so many people stop and help.”

Lindsey is still in a lot of pain, but is having physiotherapy and is recovering well after her ordeal.