A MAN has told of the anguish his family have had to endure after his Dursley-based father’s life saving operation was cancelled due to the impact of the coronavirus.

Brad Pugh’s father Glynne, 68, has bowel cancer and was given 12 months to live in November but he was due to undergo an operation at St James’s University Hospital in Leeds on Monday.

Brad, who previously lived in Stroud, said he was told by the NHS that the reason for cancelling the procedure was because the operation theatre was closed so that training could take place for staff in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Brad’s plea on social media for the operation to take place has received thousands of views.

Father-of-four and grandad Glynne was previously told that without the operation he would only have one year to live.

He would have required an intensive care bed for two days and then a space in the high dependency unit for three days.

Brad said: “I know we’re in a terrible position with the outbreak of coronavirus, and it’s an awful time for the NHS, but they made the decision to cancel without giving dad any information if it would be rescheduled or not.

“It had been pushed back and pushed back and we were told on Friday that it has been cancelled.

“Now we have no idea if it has been cancelled completely.”

A spokesman for Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust said: “We’re sorry to hear about Mr Pugh’s concern over his cancer operation.

“Due to extreme pressure caused by the coronavirus outbreak Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust is prioritising all cases on the most urgent need and resources available to ensure that surgery is delivered safely for the patient undergoing the operation.

“Prioritising cases in this way is led by our clinical team and we are continuing to do everything we can to accommodate priority cases.

“We will be working closely with Mr Pugh and his family on a weekly basis to keep them up to date.”

Brad remains hopeful and said: “The response on social media has been amazing, it’s been a rollercoaster of emotions.

“My mum and dad are currently in self isolation at the moment but they had been going on walks since the cancellation to keep active.

“Myself and our whole family would just like to say a massive thank you to everyone who has supported us during this.”