CAM and Dursley Transportation Group held a meeting at Dursley Community Centre.

Councillor Christina Carter, chair of Cam Parish Council spoke about what her council and other authorities were doing to alleviate the parking problems in the area, including plans for additional parking in the future.

Cam and Dursley Transportation Group chair, Cllr Wendy Thomas gave an update on the Cam, Dursley and Uley Greenway cycle route project.

The project team are creating an 8km cycle, horse rider and pedestrian Greenway linking Uley, Dursley and Cam as far as the railway station, and eventually to the National Cycle Network Route 41 in Slimbridge.

The Greenway committee have produced a comprehensive report on progress and it looks as if some short sections route could be open soon.

Cllr Thomas outlined some community transport options but at the moment there does not seem to be an immediate way forward; Gloucestershire County Council is working on longer terms plans for community transport.

Heidi Westerlage explained how a car share scheme involving car drivers, and people requiring lifts to/from Cam and Dursley Station could work and asked the group if this would be of interest.

There was enthusiasm for this idea and several people signed up on the spot to take part.