To help see what support is available in your area, Stroud District Council has created a support map to help the community during the coronavirus pandemic.

All the support groups on the map have either registered on the county-wide community help hub or are established charities and organisations within the district that are providing community support.

Many vulnerable people have already been identified but the nature of the coronavirus pandemic means some people may need help and they have never had to ask before, and some may not have a local network of family or friends.

This is where the map can provide help.

Click on the area where you live and you will be able to find the contact details of groups, organisations and charities which can help locally.

If you represent a community or volunteer group and your details are not on the community support map, please register on the community help hub and your details can be added to it so residents can access the support you are offering, subject to safeguarding checks.

If you need support, or know of anyone that might need support, register your needs on the same community help hub.

Click hereto access the community support map.

Stroud District Council leader Doina Cornell said: “There is so much great work going on in our communities and we want to link it up so no-one misses out – and those who can help can maximise the effect of their good work.

“The Community Support Map will bring those two elements together really effectively.

“It will build a picture across the whole district, ensuring every community is covered.

“We know that by staying at home wherever possible we are protecting ourselves and others, and the NHS at this difficult time. This map will help stop the spread of the coronavirus.

“I would urge any groups, organisations and charities which can help to register.”

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