A letter from the Leader of the Council, Councillor Toby Savage:

Firstly, I would like to thank the Gazette readers and all South Gloucestershire residents for your continued support in these deeply challenging and unsettling times.

I would also like to send a huge thank you to all teachers, key workers, council staff and volunteers across the area for their hard work, please know that your efforts are greatly appreciated by all of us.

The coronavirus situation continues to progress at pace and we will do everything we can to keep you informed as frequently as possible. We are conscious of residents who are not online, so as well as actively providing updates to our website and social media channels, we are also using traditional methods such as local newspapers and radio.

One of our current priorities is to ensure that the people who the Government has asked to shield for 12 weeks, and who do not have access to friends, family, neighbours or other local support networks, have the provisions and medication they need.

96 people received emergency food parcels on Sunday, which were packed by volunteers from our libraries staff and delivered by Community Transport drivers. Each received a small package to help until the proper weekly delivery of food to them begins.

Those indicating they need help will be able to receive standard food parcels, which are likely to be delivered directly by supermarkets or other distributors. The NHS, via local pharmacies, will arrange deliveries of medicines.

If you have received the NHS shielding letter and are confused or not sure what to do, you can contact the council and we will help make sure you are getting the help you need. If you have not received the shielding letter but think that you should have, we can help clarify the situation and make sure that you are linked in the with help you need.

If you need help with shielding, please contact us by emailing Community.Shielding@southglos.gov.uk or calling 01454 86 4040.

For information about mutual aid groups in your area, call 01454 86 4886.

If you have another query about any other aspect of SGC, call 01454 86 8009.

Dedicated web page for updates: www.southglos.gov.uk/coronavirus

Other email queries to our dedicated contact centre who will contact the appropriate team: corporatecontactcentre@southglos.gov.uk or you can phone them on 01454 868009 Care support

For adults at home care call 01454 868007

if you have concerns about a child, call 01454 866000.

Please note lines are busy and we are prioritising the most vulnerable.

Voluntary groups and those needing local help, please see our South Gloucestershire Community Aid hub: www.southglos.gov.uk/communityaid

You can also sign up to our email news updates: www.southglos.gov.uk/newsroom

Businesses, for the latest information on grants, support and advice please see our website: www.southglos.gov.uk/businessinfo