258 people have now tested positive for the coronavirus in Gloucestershire.

Public Health England has confirmed 34 new cases of the virus in the county in the last 24 hours.

41,903 people across the UK have now been confirmed as testing positive for the virus, as of 9am on Saturday.

4,313 have died after testing positive for the virus.

The Government has come under increasing pressure to carry out more coronavirus tests, with the Health Secretary promising to ramp up the response.

Mr Hancock has said the Government’s original target of eventually reaching 250,000 tests a day "still stands", but that he wanted to "put a very clear timeline" on a new goal to get to 100,000 by the end of the month as he set out a five pillar plan to tackle the issue.

This would include working with universities and private businesses to establish new swab testing sites and asking leading pharmaceutical firms to help create a British diagnostics industry “at scale”.

He said currently no antibody tests, which show whether someone has already had Covid-19, have been "pencilled in" as part of the 100,000 figure.

Speaking to Good Morning Britain, he said: "We haven't put in a breakdown of the different type of tests.

"It is a 100,000 goal across the five pillars of the testing strategy.

"I haven't actually pencilled any in for the home test – the antibody tests – and the reason for that is because we so far haven't found one that works and so I'm not going to pencil any in, but if we do find one that works obviously that will be great."