THE Vintage Birdcage Cakery is now delivering nearly 3,000 free meals a week to vulnerable and elderly members of the community.

The small community project has snowballed to such an extent that several other businesses have now stepped in to support the ever growing initiative.

Nicole Jones, owner of the Vintage Birdcage, came up with the idea.

She said: “Our numbers are now over 400 a day, and we take meal bags to all of these individuals every day.

“Our team is now expanding to meet the demand and we’ve been lucky enough to have support from several local supermarkets and Hobbs House Bakery.

“The Swan at Tytherington have started to help us make the soup which is amazing too, I would like to personally thank all of these and all the offers to help us.

“We are currently looking for a commercial kitchen to help bake cakes to add to our lunch bags, so if anyone can help there we would be very grateful.”

Jackie Ferris from Yate has a daily delivery of soup. She said: “What the Birdcage is doing is truly amazing, we would be lost without their help. The food is great and its such a pleasure to see their smiling delivery people daily, they’re the only faces we get to see. We admire them greatly, saying thank you seems so little but a big thank you ”

Joan Biggin, who also receives a daily package, said: “I would like to thank Nicole and all her helpers for the brilliant job they are doing delivering soups.

“Us residents who are unable to go out love to see a friendly face each day, well done to everyone involved.”

Call Nicole on 0753 883 0446 for more details