Locals queue for Tesco Extra, Yate, as the volume of shoppers forces the line around the entire shopping centre.

Reports this morning show shoppers queueing from Tesco Extra on East Walk, snaking throughout the shopping centre, with the end of the queue passing Yate Job Centre, and back into Yate's main carpark.

Shoppers are now choosing to attempt to shop later in the afternoon as photographs posted on social media show the extent of the queues, one photo was taken so far from Tesco Extra, members of the public couldn't understand where the photo was taken from.

A local resident said:

"I have come to Yate shopping centre, twice in the mornings, and the queues move quite quickly, but this is ridiculous, I will come back later."

Tesco, CEO, Dave Lewis, addressed customers in an email Tuesday, April 6, detailing new plans for staff and public safety amid the coronavirus pandemic.

The new measures included a structured one-way system within the stores as well as a one-in, one-out system.

Tesco Extra is open the following times over Easter weekend:

Good Friday April, 10 8am-8pm

Saturday April, 11 8am-10pm

Easter Sunday April, 12 Closed

Bank Holiday Monday April, 13 8am-6pm