Twelve residents at a Thornbury care home have died from coronavirus.

Twenty-two residents at Beech House care come suffered symptoms, with the other 10 having now recovered. No residents are currently presenting symptoms.

The CEO of Bristol Care Homes, the company running Beech House, has said their homes are ‘as safe as they can possibly be’ although staff did have to drive to Birmingham to collect a delivery of personal protective equipment (PPE).

Richard Crocker, CEO of Bristol Care Homes, said: “Keeping everyone safe has always been a priority for Bristol Care Homes. It applies equally to all our residents, their relatives and friends, and to all our staff.

“Whilst we can’t achieve a zero-risk environment, we have set ourselves the twin objectives that our residents are protected, and are at no greater risk of infection than if they lived elsewhere, and any residents who do suffer an infection have the maximum likelihood of a swift recovery.

“To achieve this, we have implemented very detailed strict infection control procedures in every aspect of the home’s daily life.

“Our residents do need care which in turn requires contact, but our procedures ensure that such necessary contact is at a rigorously professional level of infection control. Our staff wear PPE at all times throughout the home.

“Residents are regularly screened for symptoms of coronavirus, and those with a suspected infection are immediately attended by our highly skilled on-site nurse team.

“We can currently report that these measures have been effective in minimising infection and maximising recovery.

“We have experienced infection, and sadly some mortality. Our condolences are with their family and friends."

Bristol Care Homes also run Glebe House in Almondsbury, as well as homes in Horfield and Fishponds.

Mr Crocker said: "In our other homes the numbers also show that there is a good recovery rate. Of the first 16 residents to suffer infection at one, 13 recovered, whilst 2 are still in treatment.

"Over the last week, we have suffered only one new case of infection across all our homes, but none at Beech House.

"We now have no residents presenting symptoms of infection at Beech House, our local home in Thornbury.

"At two other homes we have a small number of residents who are symptomatic, who have tested negative, but whom we are still barrier nursing as a precaution.

“Our staff team have been wonderfully supportive, and have dedicated themselves 100 per cent to continue the excellence of their care for our residents, often working well beyond the call of duty.”

"We are hugely grateful to them, and are sure you will all agree they are local heroes through this crisis.

"We also are very grateful for the excellent support we’ve had from our local Thornbury community who have rallied around, providing our staff with items like headbands to help when wearing masks, shoe coverings when we have been short of supply, and who have been very understanding of the safety policies we have put in place, for example in not allowing visitors into the home.

"We are very grateful for all the support we have received from everyone."

The care home is now taking new residents although they will be asked to observe isolation in their room for the first 14 days.

"Our policies and procedures for the admission of new residents have been specifically endorsed by Public Health England, and we have the full support of South Gloucestershire Council," Mr Crocker added.

Of the 79 care homes in South Gloucestershire, 31 had reported a confirmed or suspected case of Covid-19 up to May 3 - a total of 39 per cent.

Across the rest of the South West 24 per cent of care homes have been affected so far, while in England, 33 per cent have reported cases.