A budding artist from South Gloucestershire has drawn an incredible portrait of a nurse - by writing the word 'hero' thousands of times.

Jess Willcox-Drew, 18, took around 15 hours to create the stunning freehand piece after being inspired by the nation's key workers.

There are now plans to raffle off the drawing to raise money for the health service and to turn it into postcards - the proceeds of which will also go to charity.

Art student Jess used a 0.03mm fine liner pen on a dark blue background to create the portrait after sketching an outline in pencil.

She said she has no idea exactly how many times she wrote 'hero' - but guesses it could reach into the tens of thousands.

Gazette Series:

The part-time supermarket worker, from Bradley Stoke added that the nurse's hat was "the most difficult to get right".

"I get my face really close to the paper and just go for it.

"If just one frontline worker sees the picture and it makes them smile, then that's all I wanted to achieve," said Jess.

Gazette Series:

Proud mum Katherine added: "Jess has always been creative but she didn't start to fully blossom until secondary school.

"From there she pretty much took off with A* results in GCSE and A-level.

"She's also just finished a foundation diploma and has a placement for September for a three-year degree in drawing, painting and printing in Plymouth.

"At present her plan is to do the three-year degree and one-year teaching so she can share her passion as a teacher."