A Thornbury pupil has written a heartfelt poem about his time in lockdown.

Tom Eastman, a year 7 student at Castle School, was challenged to write the poem as part of work being set by teachers while the school is closed.

English teacher Nicole Kaschuba sent out details of a competition called 'Through Their Eyes', inviting students to create something in response.

Lots of students responded, but Tom's poem was felt by teachers to be incredibly moving and timely, summing up the mood of so many during this lockdown period.

During the year, she has collected lots of original writing done by students, and entered it into various activities run by the Young Writers organisation. A number of students at the school have had their writing published this year by Young Writers.

Read Tom's poem below.

The eerie quiet is deafening.

No school bells ringing, no children chat-chattering,

No cars rumbling along the roads, huff-huffing and beep-beeping,

No trains clickety-clacking on the rickety rail track.

No planes drawing pictures in the sky on the way to far-off lands.

Who could know something so microscopically small could be so huge?

By bringing so much fear, disruption

And death?

Once such a distant clap of thunder,

now a raging storm that has locked us in our homes

And hurt our loved ones.

But, miraculously, there is a newfound harmony in the silence.

Listen to the birds tweeting a hopeful tune,

Hear the bees buzzing about their business,

Relish the rustling leaves on the majestic trees.

Lie down! Watch the clouds slowly animating the heavens.

We may be locked in our homes

But we have unlocked our hearts

To others: NHS staff, postal workers, supermarket stackers,

A war hero - walking, singing, inspiring,

Helping to fight this invisible enemy.

Thank you!

There will be the brightest of rainbows at the end of the darkest storm.