A family from Chipping Sodbury has raised hundreds for local charities, decorating trees.

The Rainbow Trees, situated between Virginia Close and Wistaria Avenue have been filling up with rainbow coloured trinkets and decorations in support of the NHS, with many families adding items during their daily exercise.

Amy Grimsby created the Rainbow Trees on the elms in Chipping Sodbury and asked the local community to add their own decorations. Families were also encouraged to make a small donation in return for a home-made donation, for them to, in turn, recreate their own Rainbow trees

The initiative has so far raised over four-hundred pounds for local charities. Koala creations, owned by Lianne Abbot, received a £100 donation to help fund supplies for making scrubs bags and face mask headbands.

£100 was donated to hack the pandemic a group making 3D printer Personal Protective Equipment for frontline workers.

£100 was given to Nicole Jones at the vintage birdcage, who are delivering over 3000 meals, per week to local elderly and vulnerable individuals and a further £100 was donated to the local food bank .

Amy said:

"We started off just decorating our own tree with rainbows in support of keyworkers and to put a smile on peoples faces.

"As we could see it getting noticed it spurred us on to make more and ask people to add to it, we then started making items to sell to raise money for people to buy to take home to start more rainbow trees but lots of them have been bought things but also added to the trees here.

"I have been asking for ideas of where to donate our next £100.

"My children have chosen to support a local charity, Made a Mark, they support bereaved children set up by Southmead hospital nurse whose husband died very suddenly. 

"Its lovely to hear people over the garden wall, enjoying the trees. The money raised so far has been donated to some great causes, so its a win win"

To donate to the current charity, 'Make a Mark' go to https://www.facebook.com/MadeAMarkCharity/