Two university students have set up a business selling focaccia in the Olveston and Tockington area.

Jade Weerawardena and Jack Jacob came up with the idea after receiving rave reviews when baking the Italian bread for Jade's family, with whom they are staying during lockdown.

"We found ourselves with an excess of bread flour in the house and looked for recipes to use it up," said Jack.

"Everyone at home really loved it so we thought we could sell it in our local area. It turned into a passion.

"My family all really like food. We have always had really good food in the house. We were inspired by them to try something new," added Jade.

The pair met as pupils at Clifton College and both have just finished their first years at university. Jack is reading Liberal Arts at University of Bristol with Jade studying Business Management at University of Southampton.

As Jack is originally from New York, an area particularly affected by coronavirus, the pair felt it was safer to see out lockdown in Tockington with Jade's parents.

Jack said : "We thought we could use the time to do something productive.

"We are hoping to continue it for as long as we can. It's something during lockdown for people who are sick of cooking every day. If we can continue doing well after the lockdown we will continue."

Jade said: "It was a really good opportunity to use the skills I learnt at university and try and make some money as well."

Two different sizes of focaccia are currently available, with each loaf being made fresh to order.

Jack and Jade will deliver the loaves via bicycle although collection is also available.

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