Watch Daisy complete the 'Chocolate challenge' using gravy bones.

The challenge started on social media with people placing treats in front of their children and then leaving the room for a couple of minutes, to see if the children will give into temptation.

It has now extended to pets, using pet treats and it is going viral.

Daisy Prickett is a 4 year old spocker and went to puppy training when she was a young pup.

Mum, Hannah said:

"Daisy loves a tennis ball and she likes scent and agility training. I am not suprised she didnt eat it, she is a very good girl and she likes to behave nicely."

Is your pooch as obedient as Daisy? Would your two-year-old just eat the chocolate as soon as your back was turned?

Send us your videos of your children and pets taking on the challenge.