Police have warned people not to gather at Cooper's Hill on Bank Holiday Monday.

The second May bank holiday is a time of great tradition in Gloucestershire, with cheese rolling in Brockworth and woolsack races in Tetbury usually taking place.

Both events have been cancelled this year and police have warned people against gathering there.

A statement for Gloucestershire police said: "We are aware that the annual cheese-rolling event, which was due to take place at Cooper's Hill on Monday (25 May) has been cancelled because of Covid-19.

"The event usually attracts up to 8,000 participants and spectators, and we know how disappointed regular attendees will be that it is not taking place this year.

"However, we would urge them to respect the legislation and government guidance, which prevents large groups of people meeting in one place, and find other ways of enjoying the Bank Holiday."

Officers will out patrolling busy areas but 'enforcement' will be a last resort.

A further statement said: “Officers will be patrolling and speaking to the public about the coronavirus restrictions in place in busy areas over the Bank Holiday Weekend.

“Gatherings of more than two people from different households are still prohibited in law but please remember we cannot enforce social distancing.

“We understand that where people appear to be congregating in large groups there will be concerns – and we will engage with those groups and check if this is the case.

“Sometimes, not everything is as it seems and people aren’t breaching the legislation, and where they are, in many cases, our presence encourages people to disperse.

“Enforcement is always a very last resort and thankfully something we haven’t had to use very often.

“But the onus is on the public now to remain socially responsible and do the right thing so please help each other by engaging, educating and encouraging those you know who aren’t following the guidance.”