A local poet has challenged herself to write a poem every day during lockdown

Aimee Williams has written poetry from a very young age and has a bespoke poetry business called ‘A Way With Words’.

As a published children's book author, Aimee decided to challenge herself to write daily poetry in attempt to spread positivity following the coronavirus outbreak

Aimee said:

"When lockdown started I challenged myself to write a poem a day and post on social media.

"I call these ‘Poems from a Lighthouse’ and the whole intention was to spread some light and positivity during this difficult time.

"I have largely continued to write and share most days and only missed some when I was poorly myself, although at that point I wrote about my experience of battling what the GP thought was Coronavirus.

"My inspiration has always come from my own life experiences, my faith and from being a wife and mother.

"My poems show the highs and lows, the experiences of children during lockdown but also the humor of home schooling and working from home with 3 small children.

"I had an idea at Easter whereby people would send me a word to describe how they felt and I would write about it. This was to try to help others put into words what they were feeling.

"I composed a poem to music and photos for VE day and have others in progress around living in lockdown which I hope to release.

"During mental health awareness week I aimed to write a poem a day about mental health to specifically try to reach out to others.

"What began as a little challenge to myself to reach my local community has grown into people around the world sharing what I write but this is great given the whole world is in this together!"

To read Aimee's collection of poetry, go to www.facebook.com/awaywithwordsbespokepoems/?ref=bookmarks