A TWO-year-old boy from Cambridge got a wonderful birthday surprise thanks to the biker community.

On Saturday, ten bikers drove by Max Telka's home on the A38 to wish the youngster a happy birthday.

Max and his family watched and waved from the driveway as the bikers drove past, shouting happy birthday.

The group came together for the drive-by birthday parade after Max’s mum posted on Facebook that she wanted to celebrate his birthday with a few motorcycles driving past their home.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the family couldn’t celebrate with a party.

Max's mum Lydia said: "Max is a huge motorbike fan.

"As soon as he wakes up his first word is motorbike, and he will sit for hours on his toy motorbike and play with his little bike toys.

"It made him really overwhelmed.

"We just had plans for a few games in the garden so it totally made his day and ours to see him so happy."

Lydia posted her message the evening before Max's birthday.

"We weren't expecting that at all," she said.

"I thought I would just put a little message out as we live on the A38, so if anyone was riding past they could give us a little wave.

"It was amazing, we had another lady who is a marshal for the Isle of Man TT who gave Max a cap and a lady down the road lent us a little mini motorbike for Max to have a sit on and play in the garden.

"It was such a great response from the community and it made Max's day."