Yate Firefighters were called to assist a in a swan rescue mission today, after locals became concerned for its welfare.

The team from Avon Fire and Rescue service, based in Yate, aided The Swan Rescue Centre from South Wales, to safely remove a young swan from the River Frome,

The young cygnet has been identified as a possibly coming from the swan family at Kingsgate Park.

Sue Swanborough, vice chair of the Friends of Kingsgate Park, captured the rescue and said:

"The cygnet was forced to leave his previous 'home' due to the adult swans preparing for the next brood of cygnets.

"We think that this swan was from Kingsgate Park. This cygnet is about a year old. She landed there and we do not know how she got into the River Frome as it seems impossible to do.

"She has been there since about the time of lockdown. She has been being fed by people but over the last week or so her mobility has become quite restricted.

"Rich (Of Rich McD photography) and I were concerned for her wellbeing.

"The Swan Rescue Centre in South Wales visited today and agreed that she would not be able to leave the river under her own steam.

"Peter from Swan Rescue looked at the situation and suggested that we ask Avon Fire and Rescue to help us if they could.

"Yate Station responded to the call and helped Peter to catch the swan.

"The swan is now off to South Wales to have company!"