The recipient of last year's BBC South West Sports Personality of the Year Unsung Hero award, has been using her time in lockdown to raise money for NHS heroes.

Georgina Moore, 36, has raised hundreds of pounds in donations, crocheting rainbows, the unofficial symbol for the NHS.

To date, Georgina has raised £740, crocheting 10 window-hanging rainbows and 13 smaller rainbows in three weeks.

Georgina has a severe physical disability and has been forced to shield following the outbreak of coronavirus. Prior to lockdown Georgina ran an inclusive boccia club and regularly took different forms of exercise. Medical experts have advised Georgina that exercise is essential to managing the side effects of her disability. It also benefits her mental health.

She said:

"I started crocheting rainbows to send to my loved ones as it’s a symbol of hope and support for the NHS. After seeing various news reports showing harrowing footage of what our NHS staff were going through each day, I thought to myself I could ask for donations towards the NHS in return for rainbows.

" As I began to share this on my Facebook page I was getting more and more orders and donations. The NHS frontline staff are paramount to keeping the most vulnerable, like myself, safe. Seeing Captain Tom’s fundraising efforts spurred me on.

"Although I can’t walk, this is the equivalent of a marathon for me but with my hands! Fundraising isn’t meant to be easy. It’s meant to be a challenge so people emphasise enough to donate. "My hands and arms are really suffering with shooting pains and my back is aching from leaning forward so much, but it is nothing compared to the physical and emotional pain NHS staff must be facing”.

“This might not seem a lot of work to some, but my hands are aching and throbbing and my back is sore every day.

"Due to my severe physical disability it takes me hours to crochet just one rainbow, but I am determined to make as many as I can to say thank you to the NHS for the amazing job they’re doing during this crisis.

“When I see on the news that groups of people are still hanging out in public, it concerns me. Some of us are scared for our lives and have carers coming into our homes. We must beat this virus ASAP for everyone’s sake, it’s so important everyone follows the rules.”

Access Sport, one of the charities that supports Georgina’s boccia club, is also continuing to raise funds during this time with their #UnlimitedAccess challenge.

There is a standing and seated version of the challenge to suit people’s needs.

To donate to Georgina’s Rainbow NHS Just Giving page, go to

For more information on The Unlimited Access Challenge go to