Store anger

I WAS standing in the queue at a supermarket on Sunday, May 24, social distancing with everyone else, when I witness a very cruel incident involving a member of the pubic and an employee.

There was a lady five places in front of me with her daughter who had special needs.

When the time came to enter the store, the lady was asked for ID as only one member of the same household is allowed in.

Unfortunately the mum had no ID for her daughter and was refused entry.

The lady was embarrassed and the daughter distressed.

However, the mum did not make a song and dance about the incident, and just quietly led her daughter back to the car.

With the devastating effect that Covid-19 is having on the world and with everybody trying to look after one another, until this crisis is over this supermarket demonstrates how things should not be done with no common sense or feeling.

They should be ashamed of the way this lady and daughter were treated.

Tim Lodge