The winner of the Yate Ageing Better (YAB) logo competition has been announced by Yate Town Council.

Lola Beal, aged 9, won the competition with her design of the Tree of Life, topped with interconnecting circles.

THe competition was launched following a consultation on ‘Yate Ageing Better’ commissioned by the Town Council.

A spokesperson for Yate Town Council said

"The objectives of the YAB project are to work with the local community in continuing to establish Yate as a great place for to live, so that lives continue to be happy, fulfilled, active, energetic, positive and rewarding within the ageing population.

"The winning logo design illustrated how life for all of us in an ageing community can be very fulfilling with many overlapping life experiences and activities."

Lola said:

"My mum told me about the competition, and I got to work on it straight away as I wanted to be a part of this community based competition and with lockdown in place I had plenty of time to think about what I wanted to do.

" I based my idea on the tree that had been recently sculpted as it shows that no matter how old you are there is still dreams and goals that can be achieved by looking at the positives and anything can be turned into something beautiful with help and support from others. As a community we always look out for each other.

Councillor John Gawn Chair of the YAB Committee commented: All the designs were very good. We had some trouble choosing the one we felt best suited for the group.

Lola won a session at the cinema room in Yate's Armadillo cafe, for her, family and friends, once it re-opens.