RESIDENTS had a lucky escape when a runaway car rolled across a car park in Dursley today.

The driverless light blue Ford Mondeo was thought to have been parked without the handbrake on in the town car park, off Castle Street, opposite Sainbury's.

The incident occurred at 3.30pm today and a witness described how it seemed as though someone was reversing it out and said she only realised there was no one in the car when it came to rest.

Another resident said: “The car rolled from the top left side of the car park.

"It very luckily missed all the cars in the car park and just came to a stop at the bottom, behind a parked car.

"We think they left the hand brake off.

"Luckily some lovely people took charge and they pushed the car into a space and popped a brick under the wheels to keep it secure.

"It was very lucky for the owner that it missed everything."