Some primary schools in the Thornbury area will reopen to more pupils today.

The Government has encouraged schools to reopen to reception, year one and year six pupils this, but most are favouring a more cautious approach.

While schools in the area have worked together on plans to reopen, there is much variety in how they will do so.

Manorbrook School in Thornbury, Almondsbury Primary and Olveston School are among those that will reopen for Reception pupils only today, with the intention of year one and six pupils also returning in the coming weeks.

Other schools plan to limit the amount of time pupils spend at school when they do reopen.

At Gillingstool pupils will only be attending two days a week - either on Monday and Tuesday or Wednesday and Thursday depending on which ‘bubble' they are in - with the school only open to key worker children on Friday. Some year six pupils will be the first to return on June 3.

For the first week back as Severn Beach Primary School the children will only come in for the morning only (with the exception of one group). Year groups will start back on different days beginning on June 3.

Other schools will not reopen at tall this week. St Mary's, Crossways and New Siblands have all identified June 8 as the date they aim to reopen for more pupils.

All schools will look very different when they do reopen.

For example, at Gillingstool each bubble of no more than 15 pupils will work with the same teachers and will be allocated its own classroom and outdoor space.

Children will be given their own table within the classroom, spaced 2m away from each other, and will also need to maintain this distance when playing outside.

Other safety measures put in place at Gillingstool include parents being asked questions to check nobody in their family is showing symptoms of coronavirus.

Gillingstool headteacher Caroline Carter said in a letter to parents: “I hope you can see we are doing all we can to keep children as safe as we possibly can on their return to school.”