Former Doctor Who star Colin Baker has joined a Thornbury charity's appeal for survival.

Baker, who played the sixth incarnation of the Doctor, has pledged his support to Brain Tumour Support's Together We Are Stronger Appeal.

The charity, based in Thornbury for the last 17 years, faces a battle for survival after its income plummeted as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.

It has had to furlough the majority of its staff and cancel a number of fundraising events.

The charity is also expecting an increase in demand for its services following a delay in many patients many receiving diagnoses or treatment.

Baker, who visited Thornbury when attending Geekmania last year, said in a video message: "The charity has to survive this current Covid-19 crisis so they can continue to support families in their darkest hour.

"This looks at the moment impossible.

"We've all seen how willingly and magnificently most people have come together during the Covid-19 outbreak in order to help each other.

"I'm asking you to show the same spirit in helping Brain Tumour Support.

"Anything you can do now to help this magnificent charity to survive will be greatly appreciated.

"By you getting involved you will help their survival."

Launching the appeal last month, founder T ina Mitchell Skinner said: "Supporting us with a donation now, more than ever, will enable us to navigate through this devastating period so that we can survive, and continue to provide our crucial services now, and in the future.”

To donate go to

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