SISTERS from Wickwar are taking on a 24-hour hike to raise money for mental health charity MIND.

Joanne Walker-Saunders and her sister Claire Barett decided to undertake the challenge in tribute to their mother who passed away suddenly in September 2018.

The event will be held on what would have been their mother Shirley’s 60th birthday and the sisters chose the charity following her lifelong battle with her own mental health.

Joanne said; “Our mum passed away very suddenly from a pulmonary embolism caused by her lack of movement due to her severe anxiety, agoraphobia and depression, mum had battled it for as long as I can remember with my sister and I having to be grown ups from a very young age.

“We tried to access help but as is known, all to often the help just isn’t there until you reach the stage of feeling suicidal. We really hope we can build some awareness around mental health, how important it is to talk to others, share how you feel and allow people to help where they can, and also highlight the impact it has on children in the homes of people who suffer.

“We also hope to promote the importance of ‘keep moving.’ We want to stop people allowing their homes to become their prisons. There is a whole world to enjoy and explore.”

The sisters have to raise £690 each to be accepted onto the event and will be match-funded in a work-place initiative.

Claire said: “Mental health is prevalent at the moment and people need to be able to access resources. This is our chance to give back and show people we do care and we want to help. This event is to be held in the north of the country and walking across the countryside was one of her favourites things.

“Although her mental health issues were not the primary cause of our mum’s passing, we believe if the help and support she so desperately needed had been there, she would still be with us today.

The event is held in Whitby in the North East on June 26. To donate in honour of the sisters and their mum, go to