AN 18-year-old Cam man is taking on one of the world's most difficult obstacle courses in the name of charity.

Tom Murray is entering the Tough Mudder 5K event, provisionally taking place at Badminton Estate in August.

He is raising money for Prostate Cancer UK.

"I saw a poster a while back and saw statistics and was quite shocked so I did some research into it," said Tom.

"There's quite a stigma around talking about cancer and quite often it goes untreated until it's too late."

Tom has been wanting to take part in Tough Mudder for a long time, and now he is 18 is allowed to take on the course unsupervised.

"I thought why not do some good while also challenging myself.

"It's something that I have wanted to do for a few years and I am now old enough.

"I chose Tough Mudder because I thought what a great way to challenge myself.

"I have seen videos and it looks like such fun.

Tom has been training in preparation for the course, which features 13 different obstacles.

"I have been running during lockdown. It has helped a lot with my mental health and not being so cooped up," he said.

Tom has also been doing weight training and using a garden hose as a way of getting used to the freezing cold water he will face on the course.

He is hopeful the event will go ahead in August, but accepts there is a chance it will be postponed if social distancing regulations cannot be relaxed beforehand.

Tom has pledged to raise £300 for Prostate Cancer UK and is already more than 80 per cent of the way to his target.

You can donate at